About Us

It's no secret that the majority of people end up with clumsy keychains, and add accessories on their keychain do they don't even need. Or maybe you find yourself in a situation where there is no light at the front door. Having your keys in the same position all the time, knowing what key to get for your front. Pop open a bottle, pry a can lid, cut tape from a box, or tighten a screw, the possibilities look endless. 

Rhinokey puts the focus on these elements. We started out developing prototypes to test out the concept. Initially starting with Aluminium, we found that it was not strong enough for what Rhinokey needs. Yes, we could have chosen for steel but we took it a step further. Stronger than steel and 40% lighter, Titanium is a premium choice among everyday carry enthusiasts. It is non-corrosive and non-allergenic, and its weight and warmth feel wonderful in the hand.

Robert, a mechanical engineering student in the Netherlands who started working on RHINOKEY in 2019. Initially starting out by coming up with problems such as constant poking of the keys in the pocket, not knowing where the keys are all the time, darkness at the keys hole and not having small tools in your pocket. So we integrated all these features in one product named RHINOKEY. 

Rhinokey started on Kickstarter ultimately raising €94.020 within 32 days, through our wonderful 1589 backers. Have a look at the Kickstarter project here.